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Tammy-Lynn McNabb

Entrepreneur and Health Expert


For over 15 years, Tammy Lynn McNabb has established herself as a health and wellness expert and successful entrepreneur. Her influence has grown to a global scale where she frequently lends her expertise as a host on several tv shows in Canada, the USA, Russia, and Vietnam. Tammy Lynn’s passion for everything food related led to a thriving international business where she designed and manufactured a line of health food products.  The company successfully sold to a third party in 2010. Through her unstoppable determination to help others, Tammy has become a household name and a familiar face to many across the globe as a leading professional in the health food, cooking, and business industries.



Before Tammy-Lynn McNabb became an international sensation for her low carbohydrate and gluten-free food products, she was a passionate entrepreneur with a goal to create products that would help others lead a healthier lifestyle. After years of research and perfecting her products, Mrs. McNabb’s food lines were sold in stores across Canada and the U.S including WholeFoods, Safeway, Harry & David, and many more. Tammy-Lynn is one of the few who was single-handedly responsible for creating the health food craze with her high-quality and delicious line of foods and wellness stores to assist those wanting to eat healthily and lose weight. Tammy-Lynn catered her products to all kinds of dietary restrictions, such as gluten intolerances, to ensure everyone could find options to increase their health.


Tammy-Lynn McNabb is no stranger to the television circuit and is passionate about supporting a healthy lifestyle both on and off camera. Tammy-Lynn has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s leading female entrepreneurs and as a result, became one of the most sought-after public talents in the industry. Her interviews have been published in both national and international publications such as Japanese Women’s Magazine and Time Magazine. Mrs. McNabb frequently presents at food and restaurant trade shows such as VegExpo and Women’s Health & Wellness events where she guest lectures and showcases her skills as a nutritional chef. While Tammy-Lynn is known as a presenter, she is much more well-known as a TV personality. She is the producer and host of the show Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV. Her show is currently in its fourth season and airs to over 40 million viewers globally. In addition, Tammy-Lynn McNabb expounds on her health and wellness knowledge as the host of HealthRadio.FM.

What’s Next?

With so many accomplishments under her belt and undoubtedly many more to come, Tammy-Lynn McNabb has taken the world by storm and transformed it into a healthier place to live. She has been nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction Award and contributes to the community by donating her cooking and public speaking talents to charities wherever she goes. Her ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in as many lives as possible whether it be with her health food lines, her TV appearances, or public events. Tammy-Lynn thoroughly enjoys sharing her passion with others and always strives to not only to change others’ lives positively but to lead by example.

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